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New Blog!

I have created a new blog to display my photography. Right now it only has the black and white photos from my Intro to Photography class at DCAD, but I hope to put my best pictures on there and see where that goes....check it out!
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My Neighbor's House

Drawing of my neighbor's house, inked and ready to be painted.



Florence, Italy

Florence was my favorite city out of the three. Mostly because it was so beautiful, and I love the terra cotta roof tops. This is the view we had from our hotel room. We first experienced how crazy the traffic system was. They just have people driving where ever they want, and the mopeds just weave between cars and pedestrians. We were surprised that we didn't see any accidents while we were in Italy. But glad of course.
Another reason I loved Florence is because Dante is from Florence...and they had a lot of sculptures and paintings of the poet. This was my favorite one, and I think I took a couple of epic shots. This is outside of the Church of Santa Croce.
Dante with birds...
The billboards in Italy were pretty interesting as well. They just print out a bunch of posters and put them on long walls. Usually they double them up. It looks really neat regardless of how effective they are.
My brother and I climbed (by foot!) the tower next to the Dome of the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore. This is the view about halfway up the tower.
And this is the view of the city from the top. Look at all those terra cotta rooftops! <3
Inside the Bargello Museum, my favorite museum in Florence. Though I did get to see the Statue of David in all its glory, the collection in this museum hit closer to home for me, mostly that it showcased a lot of medieval art. There were also many beautiful items made of gold and brass, and I'm a nut for things made out of metal. My favorite items were the pocket watches, sadly we couldn't take photographs so just take my word for it, they were BEAUTIFUL and had intricate scenes welded into them. The other items that I loved were the hand painted wood/terra cotta saints and Madonna and Child statues. There was also a room that had been turned into a prison, that was originally a church I do believe, that they uncovered a painting of the Inferno and Paradise.

Ponte Vecchio, the bridge of houses. The only bridge that Hitler didn't destroy. There are no longer houses of course, now it is just a LOT of high quality jewelry stores.
View of the Dome from the Garden of Roses, as we climbed to the top of the hill to see the view.

One of the beautiful sculptures, though the subject matter was pretty horrible. The Rape of Polyxena.