Bear in There

My hopefully final image. But I think it needs some more color or something. Suggestions welcome!


Annika said...

Hey Ashley, firstly this looks really awesome :) It is a challenge to best capture the 3D object in a 2D composition so here are some things I notice that may be of help: the shape of the fish is a little hard to distinguish at this angle maybe if tail were more visible, also the white bone of the chicken legs are blending in with the white background which makes them hard to recognize at first. The brown of the chicken meat is pretty similar to the color of the other veggie down the bottom - a little variation in color maybe a bit more orange somewhere would help. I like the contrast in temperature between the blue fish and the yellow backlight - it really helps the focal point! Last thing... the 2 paw prints at the bottom feel a little too evenly placed you could try shifting one up or down slightly or add another print or part of a print... or have you thought about having one of the drawers pulled out a little like it fell open with the chaos of the bear climbing in?

a.i.m. said...

Unfortunately I can't open the drawers >.< shoulda thought about that. I think I need to add more food in general slop. =) Thank you for the suggestions, especially the color suggestions, I feel like the fridge and the bear are way too blindingly white haha.

Annika said...

no worries it already looks great! It's not necessarily too blindingly white, but maybe just needs a bit more contrast between the white objects eg making the bear a brighter white in comparison to the white of the fridge either by playing with lighting or adjusting the photo digitally.
p.s. thanks for the comment :) the snow white piece is watercolor on arches hot press paper.