Falling Up

Preliminary sketch.

Illustration thus far. The background is painted and I blurred it in photoshop.


Annika said...

somehow I missed this one! it is adorable, great concept & combo of 3D & 2D. I think the slight tilt of the dog in your sketch helps him to look a little more floaty though. Also did you try including the floating bone (it looks great in the sketch!)?

a.i.m. said...

I know I have to add the bone! I was so irritated at the stupid fishing wire I just didn't care anymore at that point, but I think I'm going to add some more things. Like a 3d rooftop in the front left of the image.

Annika said...

haha understandable! a 3D roof top sounds like a good idea, it will add another layer of depth and the diagonal could be used to lead towards the girl & dog.