New Painting

This is a painting I started in the early summer, just messing around with 'abstract colors' and texture. I don't usually paint in acrylic, let alone on canvas, but it was fun to mess around with no solidified color and the defined lines of the tree that I did with a Staedtler pen, which I didn't realize WASN'T waterproof like Micron pens. The fox I just added yesterday. I knew I wanted a fox, but I didn't want to mess up the canvas by just painting on it. So I drew it on a piece of paper, and then made a copy, cut it out and then used gloss medium to adhere it to the canvas. Then I painted it. I tried to take a photo that really gets the colors right....and I couldn't. It's so much prettier in person. The orange specs in the trees are actually a metallic gold, and the white flowers are a pearl finish.
Anyway, it was fun for me, so enjoy =)